Saturday, March 16th -

CHMTA offers a non-competitive Festival, in which voice and piano students perform in a masterclass setting and receive comments from a clinician. Students will be organized by age and level into groups of three to five, with parents, teachers and judge/clinician in the room. Each student or ensemble in the group will perform the planned piece or pieces. After each performance, the judge/clinician will work with the student(s), sharing ideas in a mini-lesson format.

Our Festival is held at UNC’s Kenan Music Building. Information for parking is below.



Piano students aged 5-18 are welcome to participate and perform any pieces they would like. Solos and ensembles are welcome. Voice students aged 12-18 are also welcome to participate, performing one piece of either classical or musical theater repertoire. Piano students in the categories of 5-8 and 9-12 may perform one or two pieces, depending on the time limitations, and only one piece will be discussed by the clinician. Students in the categories of 13-15 and 16-18 may perform only one piece. Solos must be performed from memory; ensembles may use music. The performance time must not exceed the time limit for each age group. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that the student’s performance remains within the allotted time. If a student plans to perform pieces that exceed the allotted time, that student may register and pay for two slots of time. For ensembles, all parts must of equal difficulty. The age group of ensembles is determined by the oldest student in the ensemble.

Age groups, times and costs (No exceptions)

Ages 5-8 — 3 minutes — $15 (non-member $30)

Ages 9-12 — 6 minutes — $15 (non-member $30)

Ages 13-15 — 8 minutes — $20 (non-member $40)

Ages 16-18 — 10 minutes — $20 (non-member $40)



The festival is open to all students aged 10 through 18. Students may perform one piece from the classical or musical theatre category that is no more than 6 minutes long. Memorization is encouraged, but not required. Teachers are responsible for ensuring that the student’s performance remains within the allotted time. An accompanist will be provided.


Level 1 — Ages 10-13 — 10:00-11:00am

Level 2 — Ages 14-18 — 11:30am-1:00pm


CHMTA Members: $20/student

Non-CHMTA Members: $40/student


Deadline for Registration is Saturday, February 9


Registration forms must be printed, filled out completely,

and mailed in with a check to the division chair.


Each student will receive a certificate for his/her performance in the Festival.

Copyright Law:

Students are required to submit to the judge a published, copyrighted version of the music with the measures numbered (numbers may be at the beginning of each system).


Any questions or problems should be brought to the attention of the Festival Chairs.

Tanya Smirnov and Meg O’Brien for piano, and

Kathleen Jasinskas for voice



The Department of Music occupies three principal buildings: Kenan Music Building (125 S. Columbia Street), Hill Hall (145 E. Cameron Avenue), and Person Hall (181 East Cameron Avenue). Concerts and other departmental events are typically held in these buildings or at Memorial Hall (140 E. Cameron Avenue), as indicated on the map below. The red arrows illustrate the location of music department buildings, the orange arrow displays the location of Memorial Hall, and the yellow arrow indicates the location of the Swain Parking Lot.

Please note that parking is limited in the Swain Lot, being available only after 5 p.m. on weekdays and throughout the weekend, though the lot is sometimes reserved for sporting events or Memorial Hall evening events. Additional visitor parking at hourly rates is located in the parking garage between Rosemary Street and Columbia Street.